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Without our critical volunteer base, we would not have the ability to serve the number of people in the community we currently reach. Hear from these volunteers about why serving with Giving the Basics is such powerful and fulfilling work, and click here to learn more about volunteering.

"As I looked around the warehouse, I was amazed to see there are so many basic items I use each and every day and I don't even think about it. It really put into perspective just how essential these basic items are in leading a normal daily life and how much I take for granted." – David Allen

"Today was a heart-warming experience that I will never forget. While unpacking the donations, I envisioned people dropping those items into the barrel one by one with a smile on their face. I feel blessed to have witnessed the compassion of everyone who donated. This organization calls out the hero in all of us to help our neighbors and friends live happier, healthier lives." – Kelly Reed

"Donating money and items is always a great way to get involved, but to actually work and see the results of our donations is beyond what words can describe. It opened my eyes to hear not only stories from Teresa and Michele about the impact these items have on the community, but to look around and realize that the basic items that people need are things I take for granted on a daily basis. It is was a heart-wrenching and heart-warming experience all at the same time." – Rebecca Baumgartner

"Our community is lucky to have organizations like yours! Today made me realize I often take for granted basic necessities for life and how imperative it is to give to those less fortune than myself. Thank you for everything you stand for and for what you do!" – Grace Jensen

"It's hard to imagine not having basic things I use on a regular basis and makes me really appreciate and grateful to be able to have these things. Working in the warehouse and putting things together to help those in need was an amazing and rewarding experience." – Angie Craig

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