Things are “HOT” at Giving the Basics

Our VolunteersWe are excited to announce the formation of our new young professional board for professionals from 24 to 34 years of age.  The board will compliment  our Executive Board with a “fresh “ prospective to engage additional young business leaders for the mission of Giving the Basics.   The appointed positions we are happy to announce are   Julian Furrow President, Carolyn Frager Vice-President, Bridget Cantwell Secretary, Maddie Estrada and Tom Whittler Marketing, and Callie Jones and Shannan Orpin Event Planning.  They are looking for additional ambassadors and if you are wanting to join or have additional questions please contact Julian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rawhide Harley Davidson had us participate in their Red, White and Blue party to generate awareness of the Giving the Basics mission.  Hamp Henning with the band Hamptons were playing a gig at RJ’s bbque and  gave all of their cover charge and tips to Giving the Basics last week.  What a fun upbeat band to listen to and their generosity for others incredible. Two West continues to amaze us with their generosity to help us with the Madminton event and branding of Giving the Basics.   Dean Realty underground makes sure our warehouse is ready for all to come help volunteer and tour. 

WE want to thank the following organizations for volunteering this past few weeks: Serve KC, Principal Insurance, Aldersgate Church, MMC Contractors, Commerce Bank, Creative Planning, Cerner, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cure of Ars administration, Key West Bank, KCP&L, Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Henderson Engineers, Monsees and Mayer law firm, KU Medical Center,  Two West, Sion incoming Freshman,  and countless individual volunteers.

Our Volunteers

We NEED your help.  Our annual fund raiser Madminton will be held Sept 24th.  We need business sponsors for the event.  Please reach out to your friends and colleagues to see if they would like to receive outstanding media coverage and reach many with their generosity.  We also are looking for in-kind gifts for our auction/raffle.  If you have a gift certificate or tickets to a venue please consider donating an item to help us raise money for the 203,000 people we serve monthly. 

These testimonials are why we NEED YOUR HELP.  Please help us reach the thousands that need these items!

“As a single 32 year old mother of 5 struggles with mounting cancer bills and her precipitously declining health, hygiene products from Giving the Basics help provide her with relief.  Financial resources are stretched to the limit as she dedicates every spare penny to keeping the lights on in her meager apartment and paying for medicine to prolong her life by a few more weeks so she can spend precious moments with her children as possible.  She wants to keep her children and home clean so she can focus on nurturing them and sharing her love with them in their remaining time together.” 

– Social worker from Jewish Vocational Services

“Does anyone out there know what it is like to have people turn away from you because you smell? Well I do and its not a good feeling because it makes you feel worse than you already do.  I want to buy soap and shampoo but then I can’t pay my light bill. My food stamps keep me from starving but they can’t buy me things to keep me clean. So thank you for making available the items through my pantry because you make me feel better and healthy and I can work” 

– Redemptorist client


– Teresa Hamilton & Michele Orpin


Thank You To Our Donors!

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