The Giving Basics Challenge For Our Newsletter Readers...

Go for 3 days without using your toothbrush, toothpaste, taking a shower with soap and shampoo, and using deodorant. Use newspaper instead of toilet paper after going to the bathroom. How do you think you would feel? Could you concentrate at work? School? Make friends?

Unfortunately there are many families and individuals that have to go without personal care hygiene items every day. Food stamps known as SNAP do NOT cover these items. This is a health care issue. The great news is Giving the Basics with your support is making a difference to ease the pain and suffering of so many living in silence and being ashamed. In 2014, Giving the Basics was able to supply over 990,000 personal care items inKansas City. To give you a glimpse of what was given: 49,024 deodorants, 43,500 toothpaste, 91, 544 rolls of toilet paper, and 104,095 feminine hygiene products.

Giving the Basics Volunteers

We welcomed our our most recent volunteers: KCPL, St. Teresa's father's club and daughters, New Friends of KC, Sedwick law firm, Notre Dame De Sion upper and lower campus family volunteer night, Young Latino group, Two West, Mariner Wealth, STM youth group, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Catholic schools week groups and the list goes on. Thank you everyone!!

We were given the opportunity to present at 1 Million Cups and Central Exchange. Michele and Teresa met personally with mayor Sly James and Jim Giles to help establish a firm footing for meeting the need in Kansas City.

We have expanded our space in the caves on 31st Street with the help of Dean Reality. We could not operate with our warehouse friend, Scott Paine who every day is helping us with his fork lift or coordination of barrels pick ups and drop offs. Ron Rossi still continues to 'keep things moving' by keeping our delivery and pick ups at affordable prices.

2014 was a good year creating awareness in the city for Giving the Basics. We are serving over 52 shelters, pantries, and 4 local school districts. We are excited to be working with the KC MO, KC KS, Center, and Shawnee Mission school districts to help the homeless and below poverty children get the items we supply. The school districts are working together to make a difference for all KC children who need help. We met with city leaders, business CEO’s, and are working diligently to form corporative partnerships. Our school drives increased by 65%, with the principal of St. Michaels’ conducting business on top of his school roof for an entire day in the cold, because his students reached their product drive goal.

Facebook Ad2015 promises to take us to the next step in helping all those in need. We hope to have a special event/fundraiser to help with operating costs. We are looking for a business or individuals to spear head an event for us. We have a wait list of 17 more shelters and pantries wanting to receive product. We are expecting to take on 3 more school districts for the up coming fall school year. We want to create a learning spot at the warehouse for volunteers to learn about the needs of the city with creative graphics. We hope to use the space to reach out to refugees and individuals to teach what it means to be clean to get a job and what it means to be clean and ready to learn at school.

Our equipment needs continue to grow and we are grateful to Warehouse 1 for all of their help so far, and Gary Imming with Ace Castors and Equipment for those incredible flat beds and carts. Our volunteers continue to amaze us with their generosity. We will keep you updated on our progress quarterly as we grow.

Immediate wish list: 12 more flat beds, group to lead a FUN event for a fundraiser, connections with manufactures so we can receive donations or purchase at truckload pricing, individuals or groups to coordinate product drives by reaching out to their places of work and worship.

Thank you all for being part of this exciting and important mission to help people succeed and have dignity. When you wash your hair, brush your teeth, or take a shower…….think of ways to help us and then connect with us via email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You To Our Donors!

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