Caden's Birthday

What an Inspiration

AMAZING - Caden is a pretty special 14 year old boy. Instead of presents for his birthday, he asked his party guests to bring toilet paper for Giving the Basics. What a gift he gave!!

Gary and Mary Imming

Angels on Earth

Mary and Gary Imming knew we needed flatbeds so, not only did they build them, they delivered them too. And yes it was Service with two smiles!

Ascension Catholic School

Way to Go!

Ascension Catholic School had a drive to remember and they came down to our warehouse and worked. What a great bunch of kids!

Cedar Hills Elementary

Paying it Forward

Cedar Hills Elementary decided to make the admission to their school play a human dignity product. The kids did a fabulous job "playing around" and helping the poor at the same time.

Manhattan Catholic Schools

Nothing Like a Little Healthy Competition

The Manhattan Kansas Catholic schools and parishes got together to have a product drive for Giving the Basics. They had a friendly competition where everyone wins in the end.

St. James Academy

Packaged with Love

St. James Academy heard we needed volunteers so they loaded a bus and headed our way. They helped load the trucks on Dignity Day and then stayed to help us for a couple hours. We stood in awe as they formed a circle and prayed in our warehouse and talked about the things they learned by helping us.

Bob Hamilton Plumbing

All's Fair When Your Helping Others

Bob Hamilton Plumbing had a Beat the Broncos event at their plumbing shop. You could take a sledge hammer to an old donated Bronco Truck if you brought something for Giving the Basics. So Fun!!


Thank You To Our Donors!

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