Merry Christmas from all of us at Giving the Basics.

You have made a difference in 2012

If we could measure the relief of what one bottle of shampoo, one bar of soap, one razor, or one package of toilet paper under the Christmas tree or in the bathroom of a person in need would be, we know it would be powerful.  The impact you make with your donations can simply not be measured; they can only be felt.  You may have been a donor, run a product drive, worked as a volunteer or worked to spread the good news about Giving the Basics.  You may have made a decision to get your company involved or you may have gotten a group of people together to organize a fund raiser or to gather products for us.  No matter what you did, large or small, to help us bring dignity to the people in need, we are thankful.  Bless you from the bottom of our hearts!  You helped someone have hope. 

Although we have had some much needed generous donations, (for which we are eternally grateful), 2012 brought success in ways that money cannot buy.  It is in the words of the needy that we know what success really means.  Please read the letters on our website from organizations and individuals to see how our work settles in the hearts of those in need.  The pain you help absorb with what you choose to do for Giving the Basics is equally as strong.

Exciting things are in our future! 

We are currently in the process sorting products that are coming in from some of the companies and organizations that have gotten on board to embrace human dignity needs in the Kansas City Metro area.  We also have several drives still in progress and look forward to January when we will launch into some large product drives by several schools and companies in the area.  Hopefully we can stock some pantry shelves with all the donations that are made.  We have been thrilled to have had individuals and groups drop off products at the Bob Hamilton Plumbing shop; our drop spot in Overland Park.  A women's Bible study group brought in a large quantity of toilet paper and other hygiene supplies just yesterday; such a gift to those in need.  Whenever we get the call that a donation has arrived, we just can't tell you how much it makes us smile.  Bob Hamilton Plumbing has agreed to let us use their company as a place for people to walk in and make donations any time throughout the year.   

Remember Giving the Basics When Giving

Often times when we are at the end of the year, people need or are looking for a place to donate funds.  Please think of Giving the Basics when if you find yourself looking for a worthy cause.   If a friend or someone in your company talks about giving or doing something that will make an immediate impact, please be bold and let them know about our efforts and the passion we have for those in need.  Many of you know that the people you are helping have no source, other than donations, because they cannot buy human dignity products on any government assistance program and these products are simply not on the pantry shelves when people need them.  Our donors often are their only option. 

See you next year~
– Teresa Hamilton and Michele Mayer Orpin


Donations That Make a Difference

"Thank you for the soap and all the the other things that you donate for the mission. We all need these things and are very greatful for these gifts. Thank You."

"Thank you very much for the supplies, you all have very good hearts."

"Dear Donor,

When I came to the mission five months ago I had nothing but what I was wearing. One of my biggest fears was staying clean, etc. - how to do that?

Thank you so much for your kind help."

67,920 Items Have Been Given To Those In Need!


  • 3,580 zip bags
  • 83 bottles of cleaning spray
  • 299 combs
  • 56 bottles of lotion
  • 2,789 deodorant
  • 18,264 razors
  • 797 shaving cream
  • 45 dryer sheets
  • 258 laundry soap
  • 12,227 body soap
  • 316 feminine hygiene products
  • 7,351 toothbrushes
  • 2,927 toothpaste
  • 397 conditioner
  • 3,660 trash bags
  • 3,972 shampoo
  • 3,416 toilet paper
  • And more!

Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors!

Our Story

Giving the Basics received its charitable status as a tax exempt 501C3 public charity on October 18, 2011.  We launched our initiative on November 15th, 2011 with a delivery to City Union Mission in Kansas City Mo.  In a very short amount of time, we have been blessed to send thousands of human dignity products to those in need.  The important work we are doing is beginning to take hold.   We have received financial and product donations from generous companies and individuals throughout the Kansas City area. The testimonials we have received are very telling of the impact we are making.  With your help to spread the word, we can continue providing products for dignity to those who would otherwise go without.  Thank you for all you have done to help us at Giving the Basics.

- Teresa Hamilton and Michele Orpin

Thank You To Our Donors!

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