Giving The Basics October 2012 Newsletter

I had the privilege of delivering a large order of human dignity products to a local pantry this month.   By the time I was finished unloading the cases of product, I was a little tired, but I noticed   a woman standing in the parking lot who seemed quite emotional.  She started crying as she was handed a bottle of our/YOUR laundry soap.  She stood there looking at me saying, "You have no idea….you have no idea…..thank you, thank you, thank you." I could barely compose myself and said, "The people who help me love you.  You are important."
This has been an incredible month for those in need.  Not only did we sort and deliver the products from several local drives, we have gotten some very nice media attention because of the direct impact we are making on this bleeding need in the Kansas City Metro area.  This translates immediately into a blessing for every pantry serving the very the very important people in need.
The more people know about our organization; the more powerful our ability to absorb pain.  Please encourage your company and your friends to have give financial donations, have product drives, organize a fundraiser (like a run or gala) and help us eliminate the need here in the Kansas City Metro area and beyond.  Together we can make a real difference

– Teresa Hamilton

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Donations That Make a Difference

"Thank you for the soap and all the the other things that you donate for the mission. We all need these things and are very greatful for these gifts. Thank You."

"Thank you very much for the supplies, you all have very good hearts."

"Dear Donor,

When I came to the mission five months ago I had nothing but what I was wearing. One of my biggest fears was staying clean, etc. - how to do that?

Thank you so much for your kind help."

67,920 Items Have Been Given To Those In Need!


  • 3,580 zip bags
  • 83 bottles of cleaning spray
  • 299 combs
  • 56 bottles of lotion
  • 2,789 deodorant
  • 18,264 razors
  • 797 shaving cream
  • 45 dryer sheets
  • 258 laundry soap
  • 12,227 body soap
  • 316 feminine hygiene products
  • 7,351 toothbrushes
  • 2,927 toothpaste
  • 397 conditioner
  • 3,660 trash bags
  • 3,972 shampoo
  • 3,416 toilet paper
  • And more!

Thank You To Our Corporate Sponsors!

Our Story

Giving the Basics received its charitable status as a tax exempt 501C3 public charity on October 18, 2011.  We launched our initiative on November 15th, 2011 with a delivery to City Union Mission in Kansas City Mo.  In a very short amount of time, we have been blessed to send thousands of human dignity products to those in need.  The important work we are doing is beginning to take hold.   We have received financial and product donations from generous companies and individuals throughout the Kansas City area. The testimonials we have received are very telling of the impact we are making.  With your help to spread the word, we can continue providing products for dignity to those who would otherwise go without.  Thank you for all you have done to help us at Giving the Basics.

- Teresa Hamilton and Michele Orpin

Thank You To Our Donors!

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