All About Shampoo — Our July Product Of The Month


  1. a liquid preparation containing detergent or soap for washing the hair. “he smelt clean, of soap and shampoo”

AKA: Giving the Basic’s Product of the Month!

Let’s admit it, no one wants greasy hair. Some people wash their hair once a week, twice a week, and sometimes even every day. It’s quite the essential for living out our daily lives in public, however some people don’t have the luxury to keep their hair clean that often. Some people can’t even afford to wash their hair once a week due to the fact that government assistant programs do not cover basic items such as hygiene products… unfortunately, shampoo falls under this category.

We have good news though! You can help students and professionals go to work and school with clean hair! Every month, Giving the Basics has a product of the month. For June, we are celebrating shampoo!

Here are two options to help fight greasy and unclean hair!

  1. Host a dignity drive and sign up here:
  2. Give a monetary donation here:
    • FYI one case of Shampoo only costs $60!

Every month, here at Giving the Basics, we are excited to inform you all about different hygiene items we provide to our Kansas City community. Human Dignity is a necessity, so let’s team up and make it happen for ALL!